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Happy Computers Serve You!

Computers can be your friend not your frenemy! We coax, cajole, and comfort your IT so you can get on with your life!

Happy elderly man giving thumbs up with laptop after using Serviam Solutions

IT Experts that understand you probably aren't a nerd

From wrangling rogue routers to deciphering digital dilemmas, we put the 'I serve' into 'service' while giving you the computer help you need! We might speak fluent Geek, but we talk human, too. So, whether you're a newbie to the tech world or you can code in your sleep, Serviam Solutions is here to make IT as painless as binge-watching your favorite sitcom.

Computer running away from Serviam Engineer who is using a ninja run to get it

We do IT all!

Keep your technology happy while not having to call a cardiologist. We cover all the bases from basic help to HOLY S**T. You can't get a better set of geeks to be on your team. Learn about our mad skills as we whip your bits into bytes.

Extremely happy office staff because they just filled out the contact form for Serviam

Contact Us!
You'll Be Happy You Did!

Look, we get it. Your computers are sobbing, your network is stuttering like a record on loop, and you're about one error message away from throwing your mouse out the window. Just a click and a form and help is on the way!

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