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IT Consulting & Services

Welcome to Serviam Solutions, a premium IT services provider for the greater Houston metroplex.  With Serviam, you will find a true partner in your business who will focus on seeing that technology benefits you the most.

Our Services

Our Services

Serviam Solutions is staffed with tier 1 technicians.  You will not find better qualified or more experienced IT personnel than those working at Serviam.  We only employ the best, and that means you get the best.

Cloud Solutions

Azure, AWS, Google Workspace...what does it all mean and how do you get there?  Call Serviam for answers.

Managed IT Services

Managed services is not for everyone, but it works for some.  Serviam is an expert in Managed Services.

Disaster Recovery

Recovery from a disaster is only one side of the coin.  How quickly you recover it the other side.  Call Serviam to learn more.

Custom App

Whether it's a custom app or custom software, Serviam is your one stop shop.

Network Solutions

The network is the most vulnerable part of your computer system.  Serviam can lock it down and protect it.


NIST 800-171, SOC, ISO, DFARS...all of this can be intimidating.  Let Serviam help you meet the standard.


This is how IT is supposed to be done!  These guys came in an made the place hum!  We've never been happier.

Mark Banks

Jefferson Electric Company

Ready to find out more?

Something brought you here.  Maybe you don't have IT support.  Maybe you think it's time for a change.  Maybe it's just a feeling, but something has you looking for IT support.  You have found the right place.  Serviam is the best.

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