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Custom App Development

Your primary business application is not supposed to be the problem, it is supposed to be a solution. The server is supposed to serve you, not the other say around. Let's build an application that works for your business and all of the unique traits it has, not having to suffer with some software that makes you conform to what some programmer thought was a good idea 20 years ago.


Serviam started out as a boutique programming firm focused on app development. We began by modernizing and creating a unique cloud based application suite for a client in a business sector that technology forgot. From inventory maintenance, manufacturing, processing, ordering, billing, profitability and reporting- the application modernized and tied together all of the various parts of a very complex operation.


Today it is utilized by all employees in our client's Company and they say it is one of the primary reasons for their astounding market growth. Working closely with the end user we developed a powerful but easy to use system for all employees in their business that gives them an accountability to their customers that is unique in their market.


Let us work with you to learn what your needs are. When we create an app for you we study your organization, meet with and work with your employees, and work with third-parties and consultants you recommend. We take that input to create technology solutions that make you more competitive and successful. All in a way where our programming fees won't destroy your ideas, with long term support and hosting packages that are shockingly fair.


Call Serviam today to find out how your software can be your friend, not your frenemy.

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