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Cloud Solutions

The cloud can be a scary place.  Where is my data?  Who has access to it?  Is my data safe?  These questions and more are what keep business owners awake at night. We know, we’ve been there.  Serviam can help you understand what it means to be in the cloud and how your company can live there safely.


Be it Azure, AWS, Google Workspace, or your own private cloud- Serviam lives and breathes this stuff every day and we can help you and your business understand what it really means and how you may benefit from it. We also know how to secure it but keep it attainable for all of your team.


Moving your data to the cloud is not a decision to be taken lightly.  You need to consider costs, downtime, security, access to your data, and a hundred other things.  That's where Serviam comes into play. We have experience working with the realities of on site IT vs. cloud based IT and can give you an expert opinion on the benefits of both approaches.


Serviam also has two data sites in operation where we operate our own private cloud and host several business partners. Our experience operating our own internet infrastructure makes it possible for us to be ideally suited to help you make the decision to move to the cloud, or not.


That's right, we said "or not" and that's because the new greatest thing isn't always the best thing for you. Your operation may not benefit from “the cloud”, we are honest enough to give you an experts opinion if it is or not- free of charge; and if we feel you should consider it, we want to present multiple options for you to consider- not just one cookie cutter approach.


Call Serviam today and learn just what that cloud thing really is.

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