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Disaster Recovery

Out of the clear blue sky, a black swan comes and craps all over your business. Everything is turned upside down, nothing works and you are trying hard to remain composed. When the swan attack happens… well that’s not the time to realize you needed disaster recovery and never gave it the attention it deserved.


Disaster recovery means not just "recovering" but it means how SOON you recover from the event.  If it takes you six weeks to recover from an unforeseen catastrophe, can your business afford that amount of time?


Serviam excels at disaster recovery and sets the bar for others to reach.  We spend the time and the effort to make sure that should something happen that requires a ground up recovery, it can be done fast enough to make it effective. If we are ready for a full rebuild, then you are ready for any problem that may occur.


We worry about your backups.  We monitor the backups for effectiveness and then we test restores and recovery often to ensure that you can meet the demand of recovering from a disaster. We run data “fire-drills” so you don’t have to. Protect the data! Protect the data!  That's 24/7, 365 and fives nines!


Call Serviam today and let us take some hiss out of those black swans.

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