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Network Solutions

Network Access Control, VLAN, trunk ports, uplinks, distributed networks, uplinks... truly terms that strike fear into the heart of your average IT worker. These terms, what they mean and how they impact your network- these are what our nerds eat for breakfast!


We ensure that your network is nimble and flexible no matter if you have one office and a phone, or multiple locations spread through the State. We have the experience working with many different network types.


We will deeply harden your network resources using "onion" security techniques, where multiple layers of security protect your data and information. But our onions don't make you cry- this protection is completely seamless to you and your end users. Technology should blend in, not stick out.


When a new glitch, zero-day or some horrifying internet thing that made the news, we don't leave you wondering if you are safe or not. As part of our network solutions package we keep track of known incidents and fixes and implement them on your network without fail. The last thing you need to worry about is some bad guy in a basement taking out your operation for fun.


Serviam is here to lay a strong and secure foundation for your network and data, with your budget and business in mind.

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