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You just landed that new government contract for the strategic toilet paper supply, but oops- what is this NIST-800 that they are now demanding and why is this guy in a suit asking to talk to me? Sounds like you just got caught in the compliance trap.


Serviam is here to help you keep the regulators at bay by implementing all flavors of compliance that your business needs. From basic HIPAA protection all the way up to NIST-800-121 we not only understand compliance- we are compliant.


Making sure that your systems are built using the required formats, protections and controls keeps you safe and out of hot-water. Our implementation experts will study your organization’s needs and work out the best- which means the most cost effective and non-disruptive approach- for what your business needs.


Serviam is here to help you say in compliance and keep those gentlemen in suits from making house-calls to your business.

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